CousinsBNB (dba Cousins Enterprises) is fully licensed by the state of Tennessee as a Vacation Lodging Service.  Our license number is 548.

Services we provide

Marketing and Rate Optimization


What good is a beautiful house if no one can find it?  What if you're booked all the time but your rates are too low?  We are experts in this area.  We know how to make your property stand out in your listing and we are manually optimizing rates all the time to make sure you stay booked to the maximum!  We also make sure that you are able to take advantage of all local events that bring higher than normal rental rates.

Navigating Local Laws and Taxes


This is not only complicated, but it changes quite often.  We know all the laws regarding permits and taxes throughout multiple counties in middle Tennessee.  We can show you all the steps to get your STRP permit and we can even obtain it for you for a small fee.  

We file all taxes that are associated with the rental that must me paid on a monthly basis.  Currently this includes sales tax and hotel and occupancy tax.

We Have Our Own Cleaning Company!


That's right...We determined very early on that the only way to keep our product at a very high level was to have control of the cleaning.  So we formed Cousins Cleaning in 2017.  Our cleaners are dedicated to cleaning ONLY CousinsBNB properties.  We take our reviews VERY seriously, and cleanliness is something we receive high marks on all the time.  You can rest assured that your property will always be spotless for your guests.

Share the CousinsBNB Profile*


This is a HUGE advantage to your property.  We are a Superhost on AirBNB with almost 700 reviews and we maintain a minimum of a 4.9 Star Rating. What does this mean to you?  It means renters trust us.  So even though your property starts with no reviews, we have a reputation that will make it rent right away..and for a higher rate than you can rent it if you were to start a brand new profile.  Trust goes a long way when there are thousands of competing properties in the area.

* Not every property qualifies; please inquire for a consultation.

Get Your Time Back and Relax...


Managing a short term rental is a tough task....if you do it right.  When we take over your property, you can be as hands-off as you want.  We handle everything from maintenance to putting the trash out.  Every client gets a custom contract depending how involved you want to be.  We recommend that you sit back, relax and let us make you money!

Stellar Guest Communication


This is one of our greatest strengths.  What happens when a guest asks a question about your property and no one responds in a timely manner?  They move on and rent from someone else.  That will NEVER happen with CousinsBNB.  We have multiple people monitoring the rental platforms constantly and no guest will ever be left waiting for an answer to a question.  In our reviews, this is reflected all the time.  We strive to always give top-notch communication.


So how much does it cost?  Our commission varies based on several factors that are specific to your property.  We DO NOT commission your gross amount.  We deduct cleaning fees and taxes before we charge you our fee.  Schedule a free consultation and we will come take a look at your property and discuss  our services!