Hayse Grace

Hayse has a "day job" as a Captain with Southwest Airlines.  He has been in the aviation industry for over 25 years...And as rewarding as that career path has been, he has the seniority now to enjoy enough flexibility to tackle a new challenge.  Being at a company like Southwest is a huge asset for CousinsBNB because of the intense focus that they place on communication and customer service.  Hayse's roles include company finances, client communication and property integration.


Austin Lott

Austin graduated in 2004 with an MBA from the University of Mississippi and moved to Nashville to start a career in hotel management.  After 12 years in hotel sales, Austin co-founded Cousins Enterprises as a short term rental property company in 2016.  Austin loves the hospitality industry and welcoming guests on vacation to Nashville is one of his favorite parts about his job.  In his free time, Austin travels as much as possible.  He spends a lot of time on the water and at sporting events.  He also enjoys fishing and hunting at his family's cabin in Arkansas. 


Keisha Grace

Keisha has a versatile role at CousinsBNB, with a background in marketing.  She is responsible for lending her expertise to social media, website maintenance, and various other marketing tasks. She also plays a vital role in overseeing  Cousins Cleaning, the company that was started to maintain our high quality of standards for all of the Cousins properties. Recently, she has taken on projects for clients designing and decorating their rentals.  This is a passion project for her that she will most likely focus on more in the near future.

We are cousins BNB

Together we are CousinsBNB.  Hayse and Keisha are married and Austin and Hayse are first cousins.  We are a very versatile and dedicated team.  We love sporting events, boating, and especially traveling.  We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty and you will regularly see us at our properties doing projects and making repairs.

You can trust that we will treat your property like it's our own!