Client Testimonials

Kristen C.


"CousinsBNB has been managing my properties for over a year now and has done an excellent job in all aspects, including tenant interaction, leasing and maintenance- while always portraying complete professionalism. They have gone above and beyond - truly embracing the "family business" approach. CousinsBNB has been an exceptional asset and added tremendous value to my investments. I am very grateful to have found them!"

Matthew N.


"We remain extremely happy and impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of CousinsBNB in managing our short term rental property.  They are a trusted partner."

Klaas D.


I listed my AirBNB with CousinsBNB about a year ago.  They have created a strong and steady flow of renters and income for me.  I have over 60 five-star reviews with zero complaints.  All renter or property issues are promptly addressed.  The renters are properly screened and rates are frequently adjusted to maximize revenue.  I have just recently listed a second property with them !

Jason and Laura C.


When we bought our first investment property we were pretty certain we would use it as a long term rental.  Austin and Hayse explained the benefits of listing the property as a short term rental and we were intrigued but nervous about the additional investments of furnishings, utilities, etc.  We are so happy we went this route!  Our house makes about 4 times the income as a short term property and they keep it booked all the time.  We are currently considering adding a second property.

Daryl P.


I have had my property with CousinsBNB for over 2 years and I could not be more happy with their service.  My house stays booked all the time and it is truly is a hands-off operation for me.  They handle every aspect from maintenance to taking the trash out.  I have recently added two more properties and I trust that they will do just as well.  If you just want to sit back and collect your payments without the worry of the every-day problems, CousinsBNB is the company for you!